Museum of Science and Technology, Milan,

“This year at Milan we are taking over Milan’s Museum of Science and Technology (MOST), that’s 1/2 million square feet of fun”

The museum is based in a 16th Century monostry with some 1950s buildings as well and is virgin territory for the design festival. The idea is to get as many disperate subjects as possible in a space and expose a different side of Milan. We have Nokia displaying their latest communications device, Dezeen’s pirate television station, new ice cream makers and fizzy drink makers showing off their latest tech. 

MOST Milan 2012

We’ll have cultural lectures, supported by Cartier, as well as new start ups showing their latest innovations.

We have two main spaces showing at MOST. Our lighting experience: Luminosity. We make a lot of lights and this is our opportunity to share our innovations, explore types of lighting effects and take a look at emerging lighting sources.

Tom Dixon Luminosity at MOST Milan 2012 Tom Dixon Luminosity at MOST Milan 2012 Tom Dixon Luminosity at MOST Milan 2012

Our other experience is the Railway station. Situated amongst some amazing steam trains we have installed a 62 tonnes press. We’re collaborating with the German engineering giant TRUMPF to bring our “Digital Industrial Revolution” to MOST. 

The press is programmed with our latest designs and we’ll be producing, on demand, our STAMP chairs, STAMP lighting pendants as well as some smaller stationery pieces. Achieving production for instant consumption, industrial manufacturing is put in full view of the public – passing the finished product, straight off the production line, directly into the hands of the consumer. We’ll be making 200 chairs over the course of Milan that we’re giving away in the Great Chair Stamp Giveaway.

Tom Dixon Stamp machinery at MOST 2012

The Great Stamp Giveaway