Assaf Granit & Tom Dixon create Coal Office Restaurant in London

Assaf Granit & Tom Dixon create Coal Office Restaurant in London

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Coal Office Restaurant

August 2018

Chef Assaf Granit and British Designer Tom Dixon are masters of their own worlds. Coal Office is their food and design playground – rich in material, style and flavour. Together they complement one another and push the boundaries.



The Coal Office is a restaurant collaboration between acclaimed chef Assaf Granit and Tom Dixon, created by our own interior design corporation Design Research Studio. It is also a laboratory for us to test out new ideas in comfort, luminosity, in tableware and in interior design. It operates on three floors of our brand-new headquarters in London’s King’s Cross, and infuses our whole studio with positive energy and delicious food.

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“Our ambition is to create sharper flavours and surroundings. It’s rough and raw, but in a polished way. Our instinct was anchored by a single thought; to offer an active and engaged experience beyond just eating” explains Granit.

“Coal Office’s concept is distinct; born from a direct connection to the kitchen. A complete collaboration between design and cooking; this is an active and engaged experience beyond just eating. Chef Assaf Granit’s idea was to deconstruct the kitchen, with cooking and prepping across three floors, and with everybody involved in cooking – from waiters to guests themselves. The result? A dining playground which is half kitchen, half dining. Each guest to Coal Office is witness to an entirely different experience – seeing it from their own unique angle or vista” remarks Tom.


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